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Monthly Archives: November 2008

My loyal readers (ok basically me) know that Im not a big fan of Belgian beers… But I decided to give this “Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence” a shot on the recommendations of many very well respected beer snobs… Mainly Bubby, JH and the crew from SIDT.

The bottle is a classic Belgian style large bomber with cork and safety wire… There is a slight pop with removal of the cork that leads some anticipation into the process. Upon the initial pour, the “onyx black” stout pours fills my snifter with a great presence and nice dark brown head that stands tall and proud. I am able to pick up a very slight but dense dark chocolate aroma mixed with a large malt backbone. Upon initial taste I don’t feel any of the 7% ABV, nor do I taste ANY chocolate!! Uh Oh… I recheck the bottle… yes it is indeed called “Chocolate Indulgence Stout” but there is no initial chocolate flavor. As the beer begins to warm I do pick up a very, and I mean very (in all honesty it might be all mental) slight actual dark chocolate flavor. Now, I DO taste a TON of chocolate malt… in fact this is a very malty beer… with only a slight bitterness added from the perle hops. this is a very nice malty beer… Again with my lack of knowledge of “true Belgian” beer styles I would say that this being characterized as a “stout” would be a stretch… I would lean more twords a dubbel than a stout.

So overall a very nice malty Belgian that unfortunately falls short of the “chocolate” moniker. If you are looking for real chocolate flavor may I suggest this stout…

In review… Very balanced malt flavor, with little chocolate flavor or aroma… So it gets a rating of…

“Decent representation of the style”

choc indulgance


When I first started to get into good beers I was visiting a buddy out in Seattle… I came across Double Black Stout from Red Hook … Awesome!!! Amazing!!! I came back home to Illinois or Michigan (where the hell I lived at the time) And was able to find it…. Scott was happy…

Then a few months passed and poof…. its gone… never to return… (they stopped making it in 2000)

Scott was unhappy…

Scott was unhappy for many years…

So on a recent visit to my local beer shop I stumbled upon it again…

Once again… Scott is happy…

Double Black Stout with coffee

Double Black Stout with coffee

It pours jet black with a nice warm tan head… good strong lacing.. awesome roasted coffee aroma with a hint of alcohol… Warm roasty flavors… with a nice, not over powering nor “subtle hint” of coffee… No alcohol finish… but as it warms up you can catch just a hint of booze… Its very very roasty… that really is the best way to describe it.

Over all great stout… Its in limited release so if you find it… grab one or 12… Exceptional!!!

7.0% ABV

Jess was fortunate to win a bottle of Autumn Maple from The Bruery by “winning” the “Horror Movie Quote Game” from “My Life as a Foodie” (go check out Phil’s page… GREAT GREAT stuff for the foodies in all of us… even if you’re not a foodie… get your ass over there and learn a thing or 7 about the state of food in this country, its more screwed up than you think!) So I figured there was no better time to try this than Thanksgiving day…

I first tried this beer at the 2008 GABF… Going on the recommendation of Phil to seek out The Bruery and give them a shot. Ill be the first one to admit that Im not a fan of most Belgian beers… Yeah yeah I know and before you beer snobs send me the hate mail about “Well Belgium has the best beers in the world, if you dont love strong goldens, or beer that tastes like wine then you dont love REAL beer….” You now what… blow me… ok? So I dont like Belgian candy sugar… get over it… Although I do LOVE sour beers… But anyway, I found these guys at the GABF and was blown away by all of their beers … Their Orchard White and Black Orchard were awesome… but hands down my favorite beer from them was their Autumn Maple… (one of my favorite beers in the whole place along with Coffee Bender from Surly Brewing

From their site:
Autumn Maple: Brewed with 17 lbs. of yams per barrel (in other words, a lot of yams!), this autumn seasonal is a different take on the “pumpkin” beer style. Brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, vanilla, molasses, and maple syrup, and fermented with our traditional Belgian yeast strain, this bold and spicy beer is perfect on a cold autumn evening.

ABV: 10%, IBU: 25, SRM: 15, Release: Fall

Im still learnign the whole "photography" thing... so bear with me

Im still learning "photo taking"

The beer poured with little to no head… right away in the aroma you could pick up the yams… and yes, you could tell that is was NOT pumpkin… as the beer continued to warm up you could taste more and more of the spices I was able to pick up the molasses, vanilla, and nutmeg the most… It was not heavy like a stout… more like a light porter or strong ale… At 10% it was quite warming although I never felt like the alcohol EVER overpowered any flavor… This would of been a great beer to share… but lucky for me Jess isn’t a big beer fan… so more for me!!!

So if you’re even in So. Cal go check out The Bruery… This beer definitely gets an “Exceptional” rating…

Speaking of ratings, I think from here forward I will begin to utilize a 4 tier system from best to worst being:

  • Exceptional
  • Drink it
  • Decent representation of the style
  • Its piss

Thats all for now… but I am going to the liquor store today so keep your eyes open for a few things I hope I find….

So, “Iron Chef” Michael Symon is opening a new restaurant in Milwaukee… While I have questions regarding celebrity chef restaurants I am happy to see that attention is being spread out of Chicago, L.A., and NYC… Symon already has 2 places in Cleveland, so he’s a Midwesterner try to keep it here… Im surprised that more chefs dont look here for spots to open new places… I mean they get a lot of their produce, meat and cheese from here… It will be exciting\interesting to see how this turns out..

Next month brings about my 30th birthday (for an address of where to send gifts and or cards just let me know…) The wife and I will be traveling to the cultural epicenter that IS Milwaukee Wisconsin… Taking in the Milwaukee Ballet’s rendition of the Nutcracker . Then on to the REAL exciting part… Dinner of course… I spent a little time exploring online looking for a nice place to eat… And I think Ive succeeded… Carnivores I bring you Carnevor … Check out the menu

Now don’t get me wrong… Its $$$$ but hell I only turn 30 once right? They have a ‘Prime Flight’ Yes that’s right “sliced, 5 oz prime filet tenderloin, 3 oz domestic kobe filet, 3 oz ‘a-5’ imported wagyu filet, grilled asparagus, sauce trio”

You read that right… wagyu, kobe, and a small filet all on one plate…

hmmm I wonder when the first heart attack will show up…