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So as I sit here and wonder what I need to\should start talking about regarding food and the current “foodie” life… Ill admit that Ive been inspired by my wifes blog and also “My Life as a Foodie”  to start writing and commenting on the current food situation in this country… Please check them both out, I promise that you wont be disappointed.

So the wife and I have been talking about and thinking about moving… We seem to do that every oh… 2 years or so… I think we might be ARE getting sick of the cold and snow… and of course the first thing we wonder is where is a great spot to live as a foodie? The sad part? We’ve determined that living smack dab in the heartland here in WI is a GREAT foodie haven… Amazing organic produce, fresh meats, local farms, a very strong support system for locally produced agriculture, meats and of course since its Wisconsin cheese… so we are now back to the drawing board as to where to move… we are thinking the ultra liberal town of Madison WI… They have one of the best, ok THE best farmers market that we have ever been to. How sad is it that we bring into play the foodie capabilities of a city?



    • bubbyoxide
    • Posted November 19, 2008 at 2:17 pm
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    Awesome! Soon there will be as many foodie blogs as beer blogs. Actually, taking the local food into consideration is as important as what kind of Internet connection is available for a prospective move to city. Good luck with the blog. Looking forward to more.


  1. Sigh. I loved living in Madison.

    Good luck with the blog, looking forward to reading what you’ve got to say!

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