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Starting this new blog, Im excited, confused, intimidated, happy…. etc etc etc I mean where does one go to learn proper “blog courtesy” ? The last thing I want is a knock on the door and have a rep. from word press take away my “blog license” for to many faux pas. Im in the process of figuring out what exactly I want to post about…

Do I do restaurant reviews? There arent that many good places to dine around here, but I suppose one never knows what they will run into.

Do I post a bunch of pics of the food Ive eaten or pics of recipes that the wife and I have made? She already does that on her blog.

Do I do a general discussion of the state of the food industry in this country? Hmmm maybe but there is “My Life as a Foodie” already.

Do I toss out a topic to peak readers interest and have a lively discussion in the comment section? I suppose one needs readers for that to happen.

I suppose there will be many beer reviews, although there will NOT be the typical over the top descriptions… It will be “Yes, I recommend this because of A. B. C. or ” Pass… its piss because of A. B. C.”

To many decisions…


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    • jesstyler
    • Posted November 19, 2008 at 4:39 pm
    • Permalink

    why not do all of the above?

    oh, and let your gorgeous wife edit your posts šŸ˜‰

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