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Ok, Im an admitted beer snob, beer geek, alcoholic whatever the hell you want to call it… Subsquently I drink alot of beers and read alot of beer blogs, listen to alot of beer podcasts and what not…I believe that beer does not get the respect it deserves in todays day and age… Yes it is an art… Yes it is just as, IF NOT MORE pairable with food than wine… Yes there are other beers out there than Miller Lite and Bud Lite… Yes it is everyones responsibility to find what they like…

But seriously just fucking drink it… Like it or dislike it… enjoy it or despise it… I know there are many facets of GOOD beer drinking… YES apperance is important… YES aroma is very important… YES head retention is very important… YES lacing is important… YES flavor is important… YES mouth feel is important… YES finish is important…

But Im getting so sick of folks who taste\rate a beer and take for fucking ever to detail it in everyway… they smell it 15 times… pick out 12 different aromas, even slight traces… Whats extremely funny is you can have picked out a few aromas (and this works VERY well with flavor as well) but as soon as someone else suggests another aroma that they MIGHT pick up a hint of…. all of a sudden when you smell it again… now YOU smell that… Ive ruined and also helped alot of beer drinkers by making different suggestions of what to think about before tasting… sometimes people can nolonger drink a certain beer because of this suggestion or or all of a sudden they like the beer because they pick up certain flavors that they didnt even think about before…

But these folks that right full pages of what they get hint aromas of (hmmm I pick up  just a hint of Palmolive dish washing detergent… the brewer MUST of used a special Belgian strain of yeast!! ) Then another page on the taste profile… (hmmm I pick up a slight taste of a half smoked marlboro red… I think the brewer was trying to bring out a certain regional tast profile)

Seriously people its beer… its amazing, its great, its a gift from the Gods…. but its still beer… Just fucking drink it and enjoy it or hate it… You dont get cooler nor more respect per $100 word you write…




  1. You come right out of the gate with fire in your belly – I like that.

    I’m in agreement with you, for the most part. I think it’s essential for reviewers of beer to use words in their vernacular to appropriately describe the beer their tasting as best they can. It is, after all, their job and paramount to promoting craft beer as something more than what people have come to think of what beer is – a fizzy yellow bitter drink. Being a beer snob yourself, you know how misrepresented beer has become.

    However, some do get carried away and I think it does more harm than good sometimes. Some time ago, I started to see the same elitism among beer aficionados that I grew great disdain for among wine connoisseurs. When you’re reading the words they’re using to describe what they’re drinking, and can literally see them looking down their nose at you while you’re reading it — that’s doing far more harm than good.

    • gambler72
    • Posted November 20, 2008 at 12:52 pm
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    Thanks for the comment… Yeah I mean I think it really does more harm than good in certain situations… I mean this country is still in a transition from shitty macro brews back to great local smaller breweries… So people who are thinking about giving small, local craft beer a try here all this junk from these elitists rambling on and on and about this and that and they give up on craft beer before they even try it…

    In a perfect world these folks who ramble on and on attempting to overcompensate for whichever short coming they are covering up in their life would instead take a non craft beer drinker under their wing and TEACH and EDUCATE these folks explaining to them what good beer is…. WHY it tastes this way…. or WHY it smells this way… Show folks that just because its dark doesn’t necessarily mean that its heavy.

    Cheers and thanks for reading!!

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