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Im not going to call them “reviews” because then folks would expect way to much… and if you want reviews go to Beer Advocate or Rate Beer… But be warned!!! I promise that you will find folks as described here. Lets just call these a running tab… Always open… Never paid off

Anyone who knows me wont be surprised to find that my first beer write up is a Three Floyds beer. Yup, GumballHead American Wheat.



Now for the beer folks out there “American Wheat” should open your eyes… This is NOT a Hefe! Ive actually heard that ‘Hefe is for Pussies’


What she says...

But I digress… This is one hoppy wheat… I KNOW I KNOW.. “But Gambler how can wheat be hoppy?” Listen… drink it… try it… wait for it…… wait….. THATS how wheat beers can be hoppy… Youll taste a lot of grapefruit in this. As of now Three Floyds is only available in Indiana the the greater Chicago land area… although Ive hear rumors about it slowly spreading… just like that rash you have… seriously man get that thing looked at…

So Cheers to the Gumballhead… DRINK IT.


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