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My loyal readers (ok basically me) know that Im not a big fan of Belgian beers… But I decided to give this “Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence” a shot on the recommendations of many very well respected beer snobs… Mainly Bubby, JH and the crew from SIDT.

The bottle is a classic Belgian style large bomber with cork and safety wire… There is a slight pop with removal of the cork that leads some anticipation into the process. Upon the initial pour, the “onyx black” stout pours fills my snifter with a great presence and nice dark brown head that stands tall and proud. I am able to pick up a very slight but dense dark chocolate aroma mixed with a large malt backbone. Upon initial taste I don’t feel any of the 7% ABV, nor do I taste ANY chocolate!! Uh Oh… I recheck the bottle… yes it is indeed called “Chocolate Indulgence Stout” but there is no initial chocolate flavor. As the beer begins to warm I do pick up a very, and I mean very (in all honesty it might be all mental) slight actual dark chocolate flavor. Now, I DO taste a TON of chocolate malt… in fact this is a very malty beer… with only a slight bitterness added from the perle hops. this is a very nice malty beer… Again with my lack of knowledge of “true Belgian” beer styles I would say that this being characterized as a “stout” would be a stretch… I would lean more twords a dubbel than a stout.

So overall a very nice malty Belgian that unfortunately falls short of the “chocolate” moniker. If you are looking for real chocolate flavor may I suggest this stout…

In review… Very balanced malt flavor, with little chocolate flavor or aroma… So it gets a rating of…

“Decent representation of the style”

choc indulgance


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