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When I first started to get into good beers I was visiting a buddy out in Seattle… I came across Double Black Stout from Red Hook … Awesome!!! Amazing!!! I came back home to Illinois or Michigan (where the hell I lived at the time) And was able to find it…. Scott was happy…

Then a few months passed and poof…. its gone… never to return… (they stopped making it in 2000)

Scott was unhappy…

Scott was unhappy for many years…

So on a recent visit to my local beer shop I stumbled upon it again…

Once again… Scott is happy…

Double Black Stout with coffee

Double Black Stout with coffee

It pours jet black with a nice warm tan head… good strong lacing.. awesome roasted coffee aroma with a hint of alcohol… Warm roasty flavors… with a nice, not over powering nor “subtle hint” of coffee… No alcohol finish… but as it warms up you can catch just a hint of booze… Its very very roasty… that really is the best way to describe it.

Over all great stout… Its in limited release so if you find it… grab one or 12… Exceptional!!!

7.0% ABV


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