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With the excitement and attention being paid to molecular gastronomy lately I was very excited to see product for the home chef appear on the market… such as the do it yourself Texturas kit. Other well known food bloggers already have this kit and either have tried or are going to try it and report their findings… ( take a look at Phils info here and Jo from “My Last Bite” here )

So I have mixed feeling when I see this on It was inevitable but its some what sad to to see something “special” and “exotic” become common place… remember what it was like when you found out that Santa wasn’t real? I mean you still loved the gifts every Dec. 25th but it just wasn’t quite as special anymore was it? Although I wonder if its like comparing Stouffers lasagna to the one that your grandmother toiled over for hours on in her tiny kitchen… But still having this stuff available to ANYONE now?!?!?! I dont know… its just lost some of its luster…

I wonder how long before they somehow figure out a way to mass produce and sell flavored foams… hmmm avocado foam in the same dairy case as redi-whip?



    • jesstyler
    • Posted January 6, 2009 at 7:36 pm
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    I’m holding out for spam foam.

  1. I think the point of this (for me, anyway) is that actually accomplishing this in your kitchen is the achievement. Sure, we can buy strawberry caviar (in Europe, for now) but why would we, when we can actually make them ourselves, with additional flavors if we wish?

    It’s the difference between making our own fried chicken dinner, or going to the frozen section and buying a box of Banquet legs & thighs. The result will be nearly the same, but the fact that it was made with our own hands – that’s more to the point.

    Molecular cooking is far from common place. We’re about as far ahead of the curve as you could be right now. It’s something that we can actually approach and perform on an amateur level in our own homes, serve to our dinner guests, and feel like cutting edge home cooks. I’m as excited as hell about it.

  2. I should add that I think it’s insulting to discount it. The people who will buy those strawberry caviar in a jar are the same people who buy Pace Salsa, Tapenade in a jar, or Newman’s Own pasta sauce. Those aren’t items for home chefs, unless you’re in a rush – at which point, eating out will do just fine.

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