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A quick “Thank You” goes out to my good friend Phil at My Life as a Foodie. I’ve pimped his stuff before and will more than likely continue to do so, but he gave me big props (much undeserved) on his latest episode so I had to return the favor.

As I meagerly attempt to paste together some very random thoughts on food, beer and our feable attempt to make good food today this guy pumps out 30 – 45 minute shows with great editing, music and content… He seems to have his finger on the pulse of what is new, exciting, and also discouraging in the global food industry today. So to everyone who reads this… please check out and support his blog\podcast and learn from what he has to say… I promise that even if you dont like what he has to say… you will be entertained…


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  1. Thanks man. That was nice. And it was a well-deserved shout out on my show. Anyone passionate enough about food to start a blog deserves at least a little recognition. And you provided material for my show. 🙂 win-win

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