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So I know ALL of my readers (both of you) tune into this amazing, earth shattering, stupendous, awesome, perfect blog on an hourly basis to see what else I have dribbling out of my slurry of a brain and onto the key board… Some of you who know me best are probably wondering where the hell are all of the beer and booze reviews? (Ok maybe your not, but play along damn it, I swear your monthly friend check is in the mail) Well there will be no beer reviews for at least 8 more days… I am in the last third of a personal 30 day challenge of no booze… No beer, no wine, no liquor, hell not even a swig of cough syrup… It all started the day after my 30th birthday…. I wish I had a story that I woke up with this massive hangover, projectile vomiting straight Jack Daniels and crack rocks but alas there is no such tale. And NO my wife has not put me on a time out because I became belligerent and dumb with her… well no more than normal I suppose.

I took this challenge as just that… a challenge… I figured it would be good for my liver to have a break, and let my immune system strengthen… Plus not to mention my wallet has been happier. Also I figured if I could not stay away from imbibing for 30 days, well lets just say Im happy I have been able to do it so far.

Stupid? naw probably not… now what WAS very dumb of me was to start it on Dec. 16th… Lets all count ahead on our trusty calendars starting at Dec. 16th and ending Jan 14th. Go ahead… Ill wait… … 12….
17 …. 20…. 29 30! Way to go Im sure your 4th grade math teacher is very proud.

Now, did you happen to notice anything big and important in that stretch of days? Perhaps Christmas and maybe even New Years? Yeah Im kind of kicking myself for starting the 30 day challenge right smack dab in the middle of the holiday mess, but I suppose “that which does not kill you blah blah blah” I could of moved it to Jan. 2nd but I opened my big fat mouth and blabbed about it to everyone and Im just that sort of stubborn person to not change things… so I went through Christmas and the New Years with out one drop of any sort of fermented beverage. Thank god that when Jess and I went to our friends house for Christmas that there was a pregnant Laura there who also could not drink ( it helped ease the pain some). While it was nice to have no hangover on new years day I wont lie, it would of been nice to have a nice glass… ok ok ok nice bottle of champagne to help ring in the new year but alas… nothing.

Did I mention that during all of this I had a full bin of great beers and a fully stocked liquor cabinet staring at me? Including a full new bottle of Hendricks (my favorite gin of all time) hell I even had the cucumber (the correct garnish for a Hendricks and tonic). I even had a lot of alone time (the wife works nights) and also continued to hang out with my drunks… I mean my friends on Tiki Chat (check out some of their blogs Brain Gravy , SIDT and Size of Life ) Which leads me into a big big thank you for everyone’s support… there were many times through out this challenge where I was like “Fuck it… Who cares… 7 days, 14 days is enough…” But amazingly just as I thought that someone would say… “Hey man hows the challenge going? I’m so proud of you… Keep it up!!” Damn you all… no Im kidding thank you all for helping me out… I really didnt think it was that big of a thing until I started asking people if they could\would\should try it… Needless to say noone has signed on yet…

So Im happy that I did\am finishing up the challenge… hell I might do it every year, but I wont lie… come Jan 14th… I am going to pour myself the most perfect drink and relish each and every sip…

“Tomorrow will be the best day of Raymond K. Hessles’ life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal he have ever had…”

Anyone out there want to try the challenge? Its really not tough… even if you are a normal to moderate drinker… I’m actually really excited to see what its going to be like when I can once again enjoy a tasty beverage.



    • jesstyler
    • Posted January 6, 2009 at 7:40 pm
    • Permalink

    Other than the couple glasses of wine at Christmas, I haven’t drank anything in a while. Which is not helping me get ready for Ireland, by the way. I’m proud of you babe!

  1. I know first hand how tough this is, and it’s something to be applauded – especially over the holidays. Well done, my friend. It’s good for you to purge every now and again. My brother and I used to have contests to see who could hold out the longest. He won almost every time, but it is what it is.

    • Kristy Basolo
    • Posted January 25, 2009 at 9:19 am
    • Permalink

    You’re going to be a cheap drunk!

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