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What a way to bring me back into the world of the drinking… My 30 days were up a little more than a week ago and I needed a good way to reintroduce myself back into the booze world.

First, was the “Dogfloydapalooza”. Basically a party to celebrate the coming together of Three Floyds and Dogfish Head to create the beer called “Popskull” I was fortunate enough to be asked to work the door, so that was all good…



Fun was had by all…

The next night was even better…

Brewmaster Dinner

Back of Ticket

We’re talking about 6 courses of GREAT food paired with two beers each… One from Dogfish Head and one from Three Floyds… Take a look…


For those who cant read the menu here’s the run down:

Reception: Pride & Joy

Amuse: 60 Minute IPA
Smoked Pork Fat Gougere with Bacon, Lolla Rossa, Pickled Shallots

Course One: Gumballhead
Dogfish Head Soup – Bouillabaisse, Chorizo, Clams, Aioli, Octopus

Course Two: Oatgoop/Oldschool
Banger and Mash – Pork Sausage, Potato Puree, Frisee, Soffrito – Pancetta Vinaigrette

Course Three: Dreadnaught/120 Minute IPA
London Pub Curry – Braised Breast of Lamb, Dal, Curry, Naan

Course Four: Robert the Bruce/Indian Brown
BBQ – Smoked Brisket, Brisket Jerky, Mustard Barbecue Sauce, Grilled Green Onion, Jalapeno Jelly

Course Five: Alpha King/Red & White
Cheddar – Warm Bleu Mont Cheddar, Fig Mostarda, Sweet Prosciutto – Roasted Garlic, Saltine

Course Six: Barrel Aged Alpha Klaus with Black Berries/Forte
Walnut Cream, Seckel Pear – Dreadnaught Ice Cream, Chestnut Cake, Raison D’Xtra Gastrique, Poached Seckel Pear

Conclussion: Dark Lord/Palo Santo

Then all of that was followed up with heading down to Indianapolis for the Indiana Brewers Guild to help pour for Three Floyds…

Check out a video from our friend Jeffery T here And dont forget to take a look at Jeffery’s podcast here



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