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As I enjoyed the first 80 degree + day here in subtropical Oshkosh I was trying to think of a way to celebrate… and as it normally does in such situations my mind went to beer… But its warm, so I would have to say no to my much beloved porters, my heavenly stouts and amazing barley wines in exchange for something a tad lighter… So I pondered… then it all came rushing back to me.

When I was in college I was fortunate enough to spend a semester in Vienna Austria, a city with a standard of culture this boy of 20 years (at the time) had never seen… I went over there and found out what great beer is. No Bud light, no Coors Light, but great beer, great beer consumed with lunch, with dinner, as a snack, amazing stuff. It was a hot hot day once and my homestay parents offered me a “Radler” I had no clue what it was… They described it as a 50/50 mix of beer and either lemonade or a citrus pop. Actually the bikers (pedal pedal, not vroom vroom) would stop at a pub have way through their strenuous rides and races at a local pub and imbibe a radler or two and be off again. Who needs doping in the Tour De France when you have beer, I mean seriously. Anyway, I tried a radler and instantly loved it!! It was NOT a drink to get drunk off of, it was one of the BEST thirst quenchers I had EVER had, Gatorade has NOTHING on this.

Returing to my kitchen in merry old Oshkosh I knew I had to make one (ok ok ok a few, who are you the drink police? back off…) Now Leinienkugle offers a Summer Shandy that is a mixture of lemon flavors and beer, but god only knows what else they put in there… so off to the store I go to try and find something that is not chock full of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) because if I wanted some corn I would simply purchase a can and enjoy it with dinner… atleast I would have a cool show 8-12 hours later but I digress… Im looking looking and looking… HFCS is EVERYWHERE!!!! ESPECIALLY in beverages.. then I find it… San Pellegrino Limonata made with “sugar” and not HFCS!!! Lets jsut all trust that they mean natural sugar and they are not pulling something over on us… So I snag a 6 pack and head to the beer section. I grab a Paulaner and a Hacker Pschorr Weiss, we do need to keep it bavarian.

Now Im not ausually a fan of putting fruit in beers but I didnt look at this as a normal beer… I mixed up the weiss\lemonny concoction 50/50 like it should be, snapped a few pics and enjoyed… The bright taste and light finish is exactly what I needed on a warm day like this… it cools you off, you enjoy a good beer but you dont sweat it out and feel all bloated like you normally would chugging a regular beer on a warm day… So I reccomend that the next hot day you have, or maybe after cutting the lawn or hitting things on that honey do list reward yourself with a little bavarian love… Mix up a Radler, kick your feet up and enjoy…


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    • nikki
    • Posted May 30, 2009 at 8:28 am
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    (sigh)..Austria, lets go back!!

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