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Daily Archives: May 30th, 2009

So I attempted my first brisket the other day… 13 pound packer brisket… People thought I was crazy to try a full brisket as my first smoked menu item ever… Most folks would of tried just a flat instead of the whole thing… Go big or go home… So I was up at 3 AM to get the meat on the preheated smoker by 4am. I knew it was going to take a long time but we werent carving till 9PM so thats 17 hours… I did finish the brisket for the last few hours wrapped in foil in a 250 degree oven. Overall the flavor and quality of the brisket turned out very well, but I h=no smoke ring… Im thinking that because A: the smoker was not big enough to handle such a large hunk of meat, and B: I dont think I had enough smoke… So you live and you learn, will I try a brisket again… probably, will it be a full packer brisket, probably not on this small smoker…